Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kitschy Keen and Feeling Good About It

To me life is art and for me art is life. Everything I do breathes art. So now that I am a little older, my taste in fashion and art has evolved into something I feel very comfortable with. For a while now, my home decor included vintage artwork from the 1970's and a new age  stuff like Budha scultures and woodwork. I am soooooo over that!! I got rid of all my home decor to Goodwill and now I am launching onto a new..well old home decor from the late 1940's to early 1960's era. I am in LOVE with anything cute, shabby, or kitschy!

I got this retro kitsch pup from Etsy the other day and I found this adorable sheep at the Goodwill, took it home and gave it a makeover. I painted it pink and added cute eyelashes to it! LOVES it!!

I bought these amazing vintage kitsch decals that are still in their original packaging! I love them and can't wait to find a place to use them on!

I also got these beauties from Etsy and they were only $8.00 each!! I couldn't pass these up for one second! And the best part is that they were still in their original packaging. Countless hours of being on the net pays

And finally, these were delivered to my home today. I got a huge lot of vintage old dead stock doll head picks..They are what I use to make my Dollipop Necklaces!!